Ann Vanreusel

Ann (female, 1962) has been part of the permanent academic staff of Ghent University since 2000. She has focused her research on the ecology of marine environments. Most of her research is embedded in international projects and networks such as the EU integrated projects. She took the position as a coordinator of the Marine Biology Research group in 2014.  She is teaching both in bachelor and masters programmes at UGent specific courses such as biostatistics, marine ecology, oceanography and marine extereme systems and is also responsible for marine field trips, summer school and internship organisation . She is responsible as the UGent representative for the organization of the interuniversity master in marine and lacustrine science and management  and involved as a lecturers in the Erasmus mundus IMBRSea. She supervised more than 20 PhD students through her career.


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Presentation Overview

Ann will present her ideas about internationalization on ocean training and the role of digitalization based on her experience in capacity building in different parts of the world. Based on case studies she aims to set the scene for this conference and discuss some of the available tools and mechanisms, the do’s and don’ts, the needs and priorities and the opportunities.